Grand Budgie

3rd & Bird Grand Budgie

Unknown (referred to as the Grand Budgie)
Blue-footed booby
Another Branch
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The Grand Budgie is a minor character in 3rd & Bird, the leader of the Budgie troop. He is a blue-footed booby bird.


The Grand Budgie is the most respected member of the Budgies. He originally set a rule stating that only birds can become a Budgie, but changed this to accept all species after Elliot the worm persuaded him through song.


The Grand Budgie has mostly white feathers, with blue feathers on his wings. His bill is blue and he has two blue webbed feet. He wears a green hat with the Budgie symbol on it, as well as a green sash displaying many merit badges.


The Grand Budgie only appears in one episode of 3rd & Bird, Elliot the Budgie!.

3rd & Bird Grand Budgie 2

The Grand Budgie before his physical appearance is revealed

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