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Mrs. Billingsley
3rd & Bird
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Anna Nygh
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Mrs. Billingsley is a recurring character in 3rd & Bird, a kiwi. She is voiced by Anna Nygh.


Mrs. Billingsley is the eldest character on 3rd & Bird, almost as knowledgeable as the wise Mr. Beakman. She loves gardening and cannot fly, as she is a flightless bird. It is unknown how she ended up on the intersection of 3rd & Bird, as kiwis come from New Zealand and the series is set near a small village (most likely in Europe, the show's country of origin). Description

"A quirky elderly bird from New Zealand who loves gardening. She is often seen pottering in her garden wearing a large hat."


Mrs. Billingsley has light brown feathers and light pink feet. She has blue eyes and a pink beak. Mrs. Billingsley wears a tan sunhat with a green band and blue bow on top, as well as a pearl necklace.


Mrs. Billingsley appears in many episodes of 3rd & Bird. She first appeared in Bird Theatre! and her final appearance was in the series finale, Jamaica! (in which she makes a cameo appearance).



  • On, it is said that Mrs. Billingsley had a watering can but misplaced it during the 1970s.
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